May 25, 2015 Comments Off on Is Sewage Water a Drought Remedy? Views: 568 California News, Inland Empire, Los Angeles, San Diego

Is Sewage Water a Drought Remedy?

There have been four years of drought in Southern California, and the lack of water is impacting everyone from the individual home owner to developers looking to construct major commercial real estate projects.

One of the solutions that some have come up with is called direct potable reuse. That’s a nice way of saying “drinking purified sewage water.”

The concept has been used in drought-stricken parts of Texas and in Namibia, Africa, where evaporation is more prevalent than yearly rainfall.

But in California, the idea has not been so popular. Things could change soon, though. Proponents of direct potable reuse now have a stronger voice, and some are saying it could be the only solution to the state’s ongoing water crisis.

What are your thoughts on direct potable reuse?



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