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Jobs with the Fastest Wage Growth

American workers finally started to realize wage growth last month. Research by Glassdoor Local Pay Reports noted annual median base pay grew by 2% year-over-year in August, to $51,556.

So, which jobs experienced the biggest pay increases? It was actually truck drivers that earned the crown of top wage growth, with a 5.7% year over year increase to $52,079.  Baristas and insurance agents also saw their wages jump 5.7%. That beat out store managers’ wages, which was up 3.2% to $48,422, and cashiers, up 3.7% to $27,701.

Part of the pay growth for truckers is being driven by increased demand for deliveries to online shoppers.

Attorneys saw the biggest decline in wage growth last month, dropping 3% to a median annual salary of $92,241.

Economists surmise that the wage growth is being fueled by a labor shortage. That notion is supported by an unemployment rate resting at 4.3% in July, which may force wages even higher.

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