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Judge to City Council: Voters Must Decide

Judge Orlinda Naranjo of Texas’ 419th Civil District Court, ruled that Austin citizens should be able to decide if they want voting power over CodeNEXT, the city’s increasingly controversial land-development code. The city council had voted in May 2018 to keep the voter power question off the November ballot.

After the council had refused to place the question on the ballot, an anti-CodeNEXT group sued the city. The city council indicated that, as CodeNEXT dealt with zoning, meaning state law exempted the question from being sent for public vote.

However, Naranjo ruled that the city must honor the process of a petition submitted earlier this year, which asked the council to adopt an ordinance allowing residents to vote on current and future land code rewrites.

The next step for the city council is to vote on the ballot language before the Aug. 20, 2018 filing deadline.

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