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Just When You Thought Wearables Couldn’t Get Any Cooler . . .

Wearable technology has gone from the realm of almost science fiction to reality. These days, such technology has the power to do everything from weather tracking, to analyzing sleep patterns, to buying stuff online.

Procure, in a just-released e-book, “The Eight Most Interesting Wearable Technologies,” indicated that today’s wearables are only scratching the surface. Procure provides cloud-based applications to the construction industry, and noted that smart shoes, smart jewelry, smart clothing and even implants are current wearable tech trends. Two of the more interesting wearable trends currently undergoing experiments are tech tattoos and ingestibles. The tech tattoo isn’t a tattoo as much as it’s a thin, flexible rubber patch that can measure a body’s vital signs such as brainwaves and blood oxygen levels.

Meanwhile, companies such as Motorola are experimenting with an edible “password pill” that could be used to unlock digital devices – as long as the pill remains in the stomach, that is. The edible technology could help notify doctors about patients’ responses to certain medication, or whether a patient is actually taking his or her pill.

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