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Like Traffic? Try the Bronx

The Bronx may becoming a more desirable place to live, but it is still often a terrible place to drive. New York’s Cross Bronx Expressway is the most congested traffic corridor in the U.S., according to a recent study by Inrix, first reported in the New York Post. The average driver on a 4.7-mile stretch of Cross Bronx Expressway wastes 86 hours per year in congestion, which is worst in the evening.

Three other New York corridors make the top 10. For example, the average driver who uses the Cross Bronx Expressway headed in the opposite direction is stuck for an average of 76 hours per year in congestion; and it’s worse in the morning.  Some of these drivers probably get to experience both congested stretches — suffering on the westbound Cross Bronx Expressway in the evening and traveling east in the morning.

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