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A Look Behind #TuesdayTrafficTips With Allen Buchanan

When Tuesdays come around, there’s two things to be sure of: 1. tacos and 2. #TuesdayTrafficTips with Allen Buchanan. As an industrial broker and principal at Lee & Associates’, Buchanan has been providing location advice to manufacturers in Southern California since 1984.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 4.00.19 PMAs most passionate professionals do, he typically thinks about his job and the industry on his commute to work, so he initiated #TuesdayTrafficTips, where he shares business advice and insight in bite-sized videos.

While Buchanan originally designed the videos for Twitter, Connect Media partnered with Buchanan to share these insightful tidbits because his knowledge is beneficial to all CRE professionals.

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