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Marriott Mixes In Millennial Marketing

Many businesses are targeting their marketing towards Millennials, the 18-34 year olds who often prioritize experiences over all else. For Marriott International, focusing on this market has translated to various technical innovations. Among some of the ways they are looking to make their guest experiences more memorable and interactive are: mobile check-in/check-out, in-room virtual reality, replacing room keys with your phone, two way text chats to make housekeeping requests, in room Netflix, etc.

Beyond the experiential improvements in their hotel locations, Marriot also launched their own channel of original content directed towards these “next generation travelers.” Additionally, they are getting involved in social media by setting up what they call M Live, or a room at their Maryland headquarters where employees sit in front of about 10 screens to monitor popular culture events and chime in on the conversations.

These initiatives all stem from the same desire- to appeal to the next generation traveler, who values experience and connection with the places they visit.

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