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Measure S Soundly Defeated in LA

Measure S, the Los Angeles proposition aimed at slowing growth and development, was overwhelmingly defeated by voters. Nearly 69% of voters in the city rejected it.

The measure would have placed a two-year moratorium on all major commercial and multifamily projects that required zone changes, height district changes, or general plan amendments. It would have reduced the city’s ability to change planning rules for a single development, as well as requiring more frequent updates to the general plan’s 35 community plans.

Opponents said the measure would have unleashed a series of long-term consequences detrimental to the city, ultimately worsening the city’s housing crisis and stifling economic development.

Cox, Castle & Nicholson’s David Waite said, “If the measure passed, the ability to develop both market-rate and affordable housing projects would be severely limited,” noting that large-scale residential and mixed-use projects “would have been delayed or even halted entirely.”

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