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Minimum Wage Goes Up in Four States

After Tuesday’s election, there are four states where workers can celebrate. Washington, Arizona, Maine, and Colorado all voted to increase their state’s minimum hourly wage.

  • Maine: From $7.50 to $12, by 2020
    • will increase adjusting for inflation after
    • tipped workers wages increase to $5 an hour, plus $1 increase until they earn the general minimum wage by 2024
  • Colorado: $8.31 to $12 by 2020
  • Washington: $9.47 to $13.50 by 2020
    • plus, one hour of paid sick leave per every 40 hours worked
  • Arizona: $8.05 to $12 by 2020
    • plus, 40 hours of sick leave annually for big companies and 24 hours for small businesses
    • one hour of paid sick leave per every 30 hours worked

Cities like San Francisco, Seattle, New York and Washington, D.C. have yet to pass their ballot measures to raise the minimum wage to $15.

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