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Mood Retailing Comes to Reality with Computer Algorithms

Smart shopping is taking on a new dimension, with the introduction and advancement of technology designed to create a more intuitive buying process. Retailers across the globe are creating “mood-based” experiential retailing tools that use computer algorithms that analyze a customer’s mood to deliver them a personalized shopping experience.

This parallels how online retailers use past browsing, shopping or other behind-the-scenes online algorithms to capture insights about customers. Those cues can then be used to offer ads, send emails or deploy other re-marketing tactics. A concern is that algorithms limit online shopping choices by insulating users in an echo chamber of narrow-mindedness.

In the meantime, don’t be surprised to see high-tech gadgets like smart mirrors that allow you to virtually try on clothes, in-store interactive VR trampoline experiences, or mood retail software that builds a tailored wardrobe based on an analysis of a customer’s thoughts and feelings.

UMood’s in-store installation that measures brain activity when watching video clips. An algorithm matches that electrical brain activity to suggest relevant items of clothing.


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