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New Co-Living “Pods” Emerge in Big Cities

With rising rent prices in major cities, architects and developers are creating new forms of co-living spaces around the nation, to offer an alternative to renters who are in need of affordable housing.

One such development in Los Angeles is called PodShare. The building features “pods” with a twin bed and flat-screen TV, with access to storage spaces and lockers, much like the set-up of a hostel. Tenants share the kitchen, bathroom and common areas. Even so, this isn’t such a cheap option, coming in at $1,400 for rent per month.

This co-living trend is rising in other cities like Seattle, Portland, New York and San Francisco. For example, in San Francisco, Starcity looks to attract four types of renters: a “starter” – a person with a new job in new city, “restarter” – someone in their 30/40s who is recently divorced or needs a new start, “life shapers” – co-living champions who consider it a lifestyle choice, and “out-of-towners” who are visiting short-term.

Regardless of why one chooses a co-living space, there’s no doubt that the expensive housing market is creating innovative living solutions.

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