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A New World for Hospitality: Luxury Space Hotel Looks to Launch

Looking to get far, far away? Houston-based Orion Span Inc. is aiming for the stars, literally, as they embark on a journey to create a luxury hotel in outer space. As space travel becomes increasingly commercialized, Orion Span is testing the market for interest in its modular station/luxury hotel called Aurora Station.

For about $791,666 a night, or $9.5 million per person for a 12-day trip, guests would be able to stay in a 35-by-14 foot platform orbiting 200 miles above Earth. The startup is aiming to have a module up in space by 2021, with guests able to join the journey in 2022. While there aren’t any excursions planned to a moon beach, the six adventurers accompanied by two crew members would get to experience 384 sunrises and sunsets during the 12-day orbit.

Orion Span’s founder and CEO Frank Bunger says, ““We want to get people into space because it’s the final frontier for our civilization.” As of now, the startup is seeking funding and a launch provider for its idea, but the former NASA employees believe in the feasibility as they surmise launch prices will drop due to the increasing competition in the space travel market. 

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