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NY Taxi Commission Pushing Uber to Accept Tips

 If New York City’s taxi regulator has its way, Uber drivers will soon see their wages rise.  The commission wants Uber to provide passengers a way to tip their drivers, despite Uber’s long-standing resistance.

The agency says its plan is in response to Uber drivers concerns over falling wages, as Uber has reduced fares in NYC and across the country. Tipping would obviously help boost drivers’ income.

Uber reportedly believes that tipping is an inconvenience that also slows down the transaction. But, if Uber does add the feature, it will eliminate one of its major differences with its main rival, Lyft. Drivers are more inclined to drive for Lyft, despite its smaller market share, because of their opportunity to receive tips.

Any tipping proposal faces a protracted process before it becomes a rule, including public hearings and a vote by the board of commissioners.

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