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NYC Ferry Launches Early

April 11, 2017

A whole month early, the NYC Ferry will launch May 1, 2017, with two routes: the brand new Rockaway Route and the existing East River Route, both of which will cost just $2.75 a ride, and include free transfers to other ferry routes.

“With more and more people living and working along our waterfront, this is the future of transportation,” said James Patchett, president of the New York City Economic Development Corp. Redevelopment is already booming along the Ferry routes in neighborhoods like Long Island City, Williamsburg and DUMBO.

NYC Ferry wasn’t planned to start until June. The first of the new vessels arrived in New York Harbor this week, with more boats scheduled to depart shipyards in Louisiana and Alabama in the coming weeks.

A third South Brooklyn Route, with stops in Bay Ridge, Sunset Park, Red Hook and Brooklyn Bridge Park, will begin service starting June 1.

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