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Office DJs Pump Up the Volume

Forget lack of privacy in today’s creative office spaces. Try spinning music that meets the musical tastes of everyone in your office as the latest challenge facing workers.

There’s a growing sonic community on the rise in open floorplan offices, that pumps all manner of playlists through shared WiFi-enabled speakers for the whole office to enjoy (or not). Among the companies that have joined the ’employees as DJs’ trend include Codeword, Casper, Firmani + Associates, Praytell, as well Sonos, the company that happens to make the speakers.

The movement is part cool factor, part company culture and part a reflection of how open environments are evolving. While some shy away from the transparency that comes with having no private offices or cubicles in which to hide, others are using spaces to attract and engage top talent. The employee DJs help motivate, foster collaboration or simply create ambiance in an otherwise awkward silence.

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