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One Letter Is Not The Holy Grail on Millennial Work Ethic

After writing an approximately 2,500-word open letter to Yelp’s CEO, replete with sarcasm and complaints about her minimum wage job and “all-rice diet”, Talia Jane was fired from her customer service position at Yelp’s Eat24.

Unexpectedly, or possibly intended, her letter has generated an extreme amount of media attention, comments from the public, and another follow-up letter, published by Talia on the same platform as her now-infamous piece.

Along with the long list of everything that is wrong with the letter, comes the biggest fact: she is one person and CANNOT be used to support the common misconception that “millennials are entitled and lazy.”

While the lack of affordable housing and large homeless population in the Bay Area is surely a topic of concern, this girl’s rant is definitely not a reflection of an entire cohort of people’s work ethic, and it shouldn’t be misconstrued as such.

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