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Pandemic Accelerates Migration to Arizona

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Relocations into Arizona are accelerating as the COVID-19 pandemic persists. Research by CBRE shows residents inbound from the California represented 23% of all relocations, and that was prior to the health threat.

CBRE reports the average annual migration from California to Arizona was 52,251 residents between 2006 to 2018 while those exiting Arizona for California totaled 32,361 people, representing a net flow of 19,890 people. California is by and far the largest source of migration to Arizona, followed by Texas and Washington.

CBRE’s Vanessa Vogel indicates migration from California to Arizona has only accelerated during the pandemic. She told the Phoenix Business Journal, “We expect office-using occupations to continue to come to Arizona and even accelerate.”

Arizona’s high-quality workforce, affordability, business-friendly environment, climate and array of amenities are proving attractive to employers. One reason for the growth in office-type jobs in Phoenix is the fact that remote work practices during the pandemic have allowed office workers the flexibility to work where they chose, points out Vogel. Job growth in the industrial sector has largely been driven by Phoenix’s proximity to the ports.

California companies are the prime relocation targets for the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, too. The organization’s pipeline of 249 active prospects include 28% from California. Greater Phoenix Economic Council’s Chris Camacho notes the group has been “hyper-focused” on southern California, especially for manufacturing and other industrial companies.

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