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Prefab Millennium Hotel, Apartments Hitting Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale is getting a new hotel and apartment complex that aren’t being built in the city.

The prefab Millennium Hotel will have 263 rooms, all of which will be constructed in Poland over the next two years and then shipped by sea to Sunnyvale. London-based Millennium Hotels and Resorts is the developer of the $200-million hotel. Moving from a traditional model of both design and development, the “M Social” brand aims to cater to the needs of a new generation that focuses on social spaces.

Meanwhile, a 250-unit apartment complex, also prefab, is going up next door to the Millennium Hotel, with its parts coming via train from Idaho.

Millennium executives say modular construction saves both time and money in the development process. Prefab has reportedly been used in a couple of apartment projects in Silicon Valley over the years, but never for a commercial building like a hotel.

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