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President Trump’s Mysterious $35M Worth of Real Estate Deals

President Donald Trump made $35 million in real estate transactions last year, according to a new report. Although President Trump declined to respond to the report, some are concerned that if the President is dealing in real estate, it could create a conflict of interest in his political decisions.

Newsweek shared that he sold 41 luxury condos in Las Vegas for more than $25 million as well as other properties around the country, but the buyers remain a mystery as their names are hidden behind various limited liability corporations. While Trump’s company would of course know the identity of the buyers, it is not public knowledge because they transacted through LLCs.

In 2017, more real estate-related controversy was sparked when the President visited his own properties frequently, which concerns some as they believe he could have been diverting taxpayers money into his businesses in the form of security payments.

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