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Prologis Shares Top 5 CRE Trends Today

San Francisco-based Prologis, the largest industrial REIT in the United States, gives insight into the current trends shaping the commercial real estate market.

The company’s research department says that there will be a “more disciplined” strategy for investors in the industry. The five key trends the research notes are:

  1. Consolidation and institutionalization of large players in the game that own more
  2. Risk- Aversion on both the debt and equity side
  3. Stricter lending regulations that favor institutions and relationship lending
  4. A shallow labor pool of CRE professionals with expertise and experience
  5. Better real-time information and data allowing for informed decision making

Chris Carton, senior vice president of Prologis, said, “Key players are more disciplined and are in a better position to respond to shifting market dynamics.”

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