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Q&A: Digging into Digsy AI with Andrew Bermudez

By Dennis Kaiser

Fullerton, CA-based Digsy AI recently introduced its latest tool that promises to help CRE and B2B sales team work smarter, more efficiently and close more deals. This tech startup may be well worth checking out, given the tech heavyweights who are backing it. The list includes Gil Amelio, former CEO of Apple, Gordon Stephenson, Zillow board member, and Sean Ellis of and DropBox. So far, users include brokers from such companies as CBRE, JLL, Cushman & Wakefield, Colliers International and NAI Capital.

Connect Media asked Digsy AI CEO and co-founder Andrew Bermudez what all the buzz is about on the sales development software platform, as well as how it makes it easy for brokers to implement best sales practices and improve sales performance.

Q: What are some of the trends driving the Digsy platform?

A: Digsy has discovered that agents who meet prospects face-to face-increase their likelihood of closing that deal by 4x. Other sales statistics show that salespeople who follow up with prospects 5 to 12 times contribute 80% to the bottom line profit, and salespeople who only follow up 4 times contribute only 10%. 48% give up after only one contact.

Digsy AI assists agents by making it ridiculously simple to achieve these (and other) sales best practices and improve their sales output to 80%. Our daily active users (DAU) over monthly active users (MAU) is over 40%, with some days exceeding 50%. This means that close to half of our active users come in every day of the month. Most software platforms fall in the 10 to 20% range. By designing a product with the agent in mind, we are able to get much better adoption and compliance than traditional sales tools, like CRMs.

Q: Who is using Digsy and what are they saying about the platform?

A: Our customers are agents and teams at Colliers, CBRE and other major brokerages, as well as smaller firms. Digsy AI makes it really easy for these agents to improve their outreach and follow ups quickly, with very little data entry and mental effort. Email templates, automation and daily reminders with one-click actions make is easy to outperform other sales agents. The system auto-populates contacts from email and tracks email communication with their prospects without data entry, so they can pick up right where they left off. Agents can also scan business cards directly from their phone, or send in large amounts to be uploaded. The platform eliminates the day-to-day data entry, so agents can prospect effectively and close more deals. Daily Reminders are like sales assistants that allow them to stay on top of their work with minimal data entry and mental effort.

Q: What are some of the ways Digsy works to improve broker performance?

A: Digsy AI is mainly used for generating new sales opportunities. The platform helps agents to achieve higher productivity, so they are more likely to convert prospects into customers and get meetings. The system is always listening for new patterns to determine what new practices never explored before work better, or who performs better. For example, if Agent A is getting more meetings than Agent B, the system will be able to see that it’s because Agent A is making more calls between three in the afternoon and six in the evening. The system can then help the sales leader approach Agent B, and suggest what should be changed in order to get more client meetings.

The platform also helps agents to generate more deals they can then drop into their CRM. CRMs are great at managing customers and sales opportunities, but they don’t have the efficiency required for high-volume, disciplined outreach to consistently generate new sales opportunities.

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