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Q&A: How a New Workspace for the Creative Cohort was Launched

By Dennis Kaiser

The cultivator of the quintessential California-lifestyle brand cohort, Ryan Sisson of San Diego’s multi-faceted Moniker Group, officially christened Moniker Commons. The 8,800-square-foot co-working space is situated bayside within the Arts District of historic Liberty Station, right across the street from Liberty Public Market.

Connect Media asked Sisson to share how the partnership between he and co-founder Nate Cadieux came about, how they conceived Moniker Commons, and how the unique brick and mortar hub for local thinkers, artisans and entrepreneurs differs from other co-working spaces.

Q: What is Moniker Real Estate? How does it fit within the Moniker Group umbrella?

A: Moniker Real Estate is a focus group within the Moniker Group’s collective of businesses. We started Moniker Real Estate to both expand on the core vision of the Moniker Brand into development and new concepts that could continue to bring people together and curate a unique experience.

Q: What sparked the idea of Moniker Commons?

A: During the recession, our society in America learned the hard way that working for a big company is no safer than working for yourself. We have always been told to get an education and a good job. Work hard and climb the corporate ladder. Too many people found the ladder led to nothing, but unemployment or maybe worse, unfulfilling work.

We believe everyone is an artist and has unique skills they can offer the world. Moniker Commons came out of this desire to find more ways to serve our community and support them in pursuing their passions. The quote inside our space says Dream a Better World and Then Build It. This is why Moniker Commons exists, to bring like-minded people together, ranging from design professions to green energy producers. We work to create an environment that fosters community, and removes the details associated with having a beautiful work space for our members to focus on their business, connect with others and build their dreams.

Q: How is Moniker Commons different than other co-working spaces? 

We feel Moniker Commons is more of a Community Work Space than a “Co-Working space.” We focus more on community and engagement, instead of just creating a bunch of small spaces for people to work, but be disconnected from the community. Hospitality and service is at the core of what we seek to offer every day.

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