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Qualcomm’s Strategy to Rebound

After reviewing its corporate structure earlier this week, Qualcomm’s Chief Executive Steven Mollenkopf outlined his plan to boost the company’s performance. After considering splitting its patent licensing arm and wireless semiconductor division to reverse plunging stock prices, Qualcomm has decided not to move ahead with the breakup.

Instead, the plan is to focus on its already successful mobile phone processor Snapdragon 820, which replaced the Snapdragon 810. Looking down the road, Qualcomm’s products will expand into other Internet of Things devices like connected cars, drones, and wireless health care.

Qualcomm hopes its success with the Snapdragon 820 will overshadow the overall declining mobile sales and Apple’s dominant market share (who only relies on Qualcomm for cellular radios).

Analysts indicate Qualcomm still remains the largest supplier in the largest consumer electronics market in the world.

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