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Ready to Give Up Your Office Environment?

The office environment as we know it may be vanishing. Instead, people will log into the work network using headsets equipped with sophisticated augmented reality platforms that feature holographic images displayed onto the real world experience.

While that sounds far-fetched and futuristic, consider that 3-D models can already be used to navigate through web pages, send emails and write code from floating virtual screens. The movement of a hand, flick of an eye, the nod of a head or a voice command become the actions that replace the need for a monitor, a keyboard and eventually even cubicles.

Numerous companies like Meta, Google, Apple, Microsoft and a host of others are developing augmented reality and mixed-reality systems that will transform the workplace. Those developing and testing new technologies as part of their daily work routines say it can be a much more immersive and visceral experience, while more productive.

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