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Will Riverside Be Southern California’s Newest Food Scene?

There are some new eateries coming to downtown Riverside, with the hopes that the area will become a dining destination for the Inland Empire and Southern California as a whole.

Chow Alley@Courthouse Piazza and the Mess Hall on Market are the two new dining emporiums catering to lovers of creative dining, and the innovation of the Riverside food scene.

To develop Chow Alley, the City is working with the County to utilize two existing parking lots to house food vendors and public art, costing an estimated $1.2 million to demolish existing structures on site.

Mess Hall on Market is in the former Fox Performing Arts Center, and will have 14 high-end food outlets, located at 3605 Market Street. 

Riverside Mayor Rusty Bailey says that the establishments will enhance plans for the renovation of the city’s downtown.


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