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Runyon Group: Keys to Creating Culture & New Communities

This Thursday, June 9, Runyon Group’s Principal Joseph Miller will take the stage at Connect Los Angeles to discuss “Work, Live & Play in the Mixed-Use Environment.” With plenty of projects coming online, Daniella Soloway caught up with Mr. Miller about the keys behind breathing new life into emerging neighborhoods.

Q. With projects spanning LA from Culver City, The Arts District, Venice, etc., what trends do you see in emerging neighborhoods?

A.  A lot of neighborhoods in Los Angeles are already established, so what sets apart emerging neighborhoods is a movement towards bringing in aspects that are unique, and allowing them to define their own culture. For example, Abbot Kinney had a lot of success defining itself and DTLA is experiencing that type of success now. If there are new eateries or retail destinations that are not franchised and don’t exist anywhere else, that brings a distinguished sense of place which will, in turn, attract people.

Q. Your avant garde style of development is bringing new projects to life in unexpected locations. Tell us about the history and vision behind Platform in Culver City. 

A. There’s a part of our company that works with unique and independent merchants and brings them to LA. What we found is that there were not many neighborhoods that combine food, fashion and art in a compelling way. Because we couldn’t find it, we thought there’d be an opportunity to create it. Ultimately, Platform was created to solve a problem. A great characteristic about such a project is that it is not generational–  if you’re attracted to interesting design and new things, we see old and young people and everyone in between being interested. It’s a mindset more than anything. 

Q. A lot of your current projects are coming online in 2016 and 2017. What do you foresee for Runyon Group in the future?

A. 2017 is going to be exciting; we have a project in DTLA called Row that will open, Brickyard will open then, too. The last phase of Platform will be under construction.

For 2018 and beyond, we will look at different parts of the city that are unexpected. The trick is to find the places where you can find the size you want to have, and that also means going to places that aren’t as obvious. Although it’s scary to be the first to go in and develop, it gives us the opportunity to do what we want and open the neighborhood. 

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