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April 5, 2017 Comments Off on San Antonio: #4 in Rooftop Solar Potential Views: 347 San Antonio, Texas News

San Antonio: #4 in Rooftop Solar Potential

Google’s Project Sunroof determines a home’s solar viability by measuring the hours of usable sunlight per year, along with the square footage available for solar panels. With Google’s expansion into Texas, it seems as though San Antonio came in fourth place nationally, for roof-based, solar potential.

According to Google’s metrics, San Antonio has enough useable sunlight (and rooftop expanse) to generate more than 10,600 gigawatt hours (GWh) per year of solar power. According to the EIA, the average U.S. home consumes 10,812 kilowatt hours a year. Basically, one GWh of energy is enough to supply power to 90 houses for an entire year.

Houston, incidentally, ranked first in the country in solar potential, with 18,940 GWh. However, Go Smart Solar’s Jason Pittman believes that, if a metric dealing with electricity provider rebates were added, San Antonio would come out on top. CPS, San Antonio’s power company, offers incentive programs for solar power.

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