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San Marcos Development Code Nearing Completion

This article has been updated with clarification from San Marcos councilman Scott Gregson. ConnectMedia apologies for any misunderstanding.

The city of San Marcos, TX will soon have a new land development code. The code will provide a guide as to how residential, commercial and industrial projects in the city will be built. The goal of updating the code was to help align it with the city’s comprehensive plan, which was adopted in 2013. A new draft of the code will be released on Jan. 6.

One issue has been affordable housing. Noted council member Scott Gregson at a recent council meeting: “If [builders] build a lot of those [homes], as we pointed out, we’re going to have a lot of those rented because they’re going to hit that sweet spot of available to be rented for a profit to students and others. And we’ve missed the opportunity to address what we really want to address, which is our affordable housing issues.”

In a follow-up discussion with ConnectMedia, Gregson indicated he is not against single-family home rentals for profit. However, in San Marcos’ current situation, rental properties are priced at a premium, due to increased demand. “Our affordable housing effort is to find an array of affordable housing options for young professionals and single families,” he said.

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