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San Marcos Planning Flood-Resilient Infrastructure

San Marcos, about 20 miles south of Austin, is known for Texas State University. And, when the spring rains come, it’s also known for flooding, because of the rivers and overworked storm sewers.

The good news is that, about a year after the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provided a $25 million disaster recovery grant to the city, infrastructure projects to improve flood resiliency could begin in 2017. The city council is in the process of formally adopting an amendment to its action plan, and once the plan is accepted by HUD, design work can begin.

The plan calls for improvement of ditches from Interstate 35 and Aquarena Springs south to Davis Lane, developing a new storm sewer near I-35 and River Road, and regrade of existing roadway on County and Uhland Roads, which would benefit 166 structures. Also on tap is a flood mitigation project.

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