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Analytics Show Savings and Growth in Going Green

Dodge Data & Analytics and United Technologies Corp. have released their World Green Building Trends study, predicting that global green building will double by 2018. The report included data from over 1,000 building professionals across 60 countries.

In the U.S., 24 percent of respondents said that of their upcoming projects, over 60 percent of them will be green by 2018. Additionally, a projected 46 percent of green projects will be new institutional buildings (compared to 38 percent globally), whereas 43 percent (37 percent globally) will be green retrofits to existing real estate.

What are the fiscal benefits to going green? Median operating costs for green buildings reportedly decreased by nine percent in one year globally, while the value of green buildings increased by seven percent.

United Technologies Chief Sustainability Officer John Mandyck said, “The survey shows that global green building activity continues to double every three years.”

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