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The Sharing Economy’s 53.7 Million People and Counting

By: Daniella Soloway

Due to the rapid growth of sharing economy applications and cloud services, 53.7 million people, or one-third of America’s full-time labor workforce, consists of freelance workers.

In the early 2000s, the first wave of disintermediation occurred with the dot com boom, affecting brick-and-mortar retailers, among other businesses. Now, with companies like Uber and Upwork, there’s absorption and maximization of labor, which in turn, is reducing inefficiencies in businesses and helping alleviate unemployment.

As the economy and its supporting technological advancements continue to push forward, Inc.com expects that by 2020, the number of freelance workers will grow by 15-20 percent. This shifting economy is having enormous impacts on office and co-working spaces.

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