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Side Gigs Are the New Norm; Here’s How Much They Really Pay

You go to school, get your degree, and expect to get a benefit endowed full-time job. Or so we think.

In this new day and age, many Millennials enter the “real world” finding themselves at a crossroads between financial instability and grave unemployment. Relying upon their rather tech savvy and entrepreneurial skill sets, they are using online and app-based businesses, including Airbnb and Uber, to supplement their salaries.

However, the lack in steady wages from these side gigs makes a regular income nearly impossible. Aaron Smith, a researcher at Pew states, “A young professional who occasionally supplements her income by renting out her apartment on Airbnb is much different from a single mother who works for a ride-hailing service in between child-care obligations.”

With a median monthly income of $440 for Airbnb rentees and $155 for Uber drivers, these salaries are not enough alone to supplement the increase in cost of living sweeping the U.S.

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