Southern Hills Golf Club

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Southern Hills Golf Club Tees Up for Overhaul

John Wait with Sirius Golf Advisors has teamed with property owner Joseph Bruno Sr. to rebuild the current Southern Hills Golf Club at 568 E. Wilkins Rd. in Gladewater, TX. The golf course will close on Dec. 31, then Bruno and Wait will spend $7 million to rebuild the course, renovate the clubhouse, and add 300 houses geared toward affluent retirees and young professionals. Architect Jeffrey Brauer will design the course, which will be rebranded as Tempest Golf Club.

The golf course, which opened in 1989, is severely eroded from flooding, and has no sand traps. Wait also told the Longview News-Journal that the course had gone through numerous ownership changes over the years. The golf course renovation should be completed by October of next year.

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