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Starbucks’ Director of Store Development Shares What’s Next for the Coffee Connoisseur

Charlie Arbing, Starbucks Store Development, shared insight with Connect Media’s Daniella Soloway at Connect Retail West about the company’s new storefront models and offerings.

Starbucks has three new concepts it has recently implemented in conjunction with its existing store platforms:
1. Starbucks Express- drip coffee, no blended drinks, speed is key (for the Wall St. crowd)
2. Starbucks Evenings – beer/wine served here (for the nighttime crowd)
3. Starbucks Reserve Roastery – physical roasting plant included at Seattle’s 15,000 SF store (for the coffee aficionado)

So, we asked: How does Starbucks choose which storefront to open where? The company’s strategy is to look at the surrounding competition, demographics, density and other sales drivers to provide the optimal Third Place situation for the community.

On the other hand, in suburbia, where Starbucks tend to get quiet after sundown, they are testing Starbucks Evenings to potentially ignite the additional day parts. Starbucks continue to focus on drive-thru locations as well, in order to provide additional convenience for its customers. Such locations are considered either as a net new store or a potential relocation of an existing café location, if feasible.

Regardless of store type, it’s time to order up as Starbucks plans to open over 350 new stores this year.

Connect With Starbucks’ Arbing

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