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TALENT TALK: Talent Demand Remains Strong

Talent Talk is a regular column on employment trends written by Glen Esnard, the executive vice president and principal of 20-20 Foresight Executive Search. 


Talent demand is typically tracked by two metrics – actual hiring and CEO or HR surveys regarding hiring plans.

Actual hiring, which is a seriously lagging indicator. The decision to hire may have been made months prior, and the hire itself may not be identified until sometime after it actually occurs. The other metric is various surveys of CEO or HR department hiring plans which typically last as long as the next quarter’s earnings report.

Our Executive Marketing program generates a powerful and real time measure of talent demand.

In our program, we are retained by executives to execute a personal career marketing program for them. A major element of the program is a very robust and powerful outreach to senior executives on their behalf. The outreach is robust enough that quantitatively and qualitatively the responses are a real-time indicator of talent demand.

A distinction. This is raw feedback directly from senior executives we contact on our client’s behalf. It cuts through and around job boards, executive recruiters and HR departments. So it may identify different results and trends than job board, executive recruiter and HR department data indices. Sixty percent of our placements are in positions unposted, not yet cleared by HR and likely lacking a job description. Those don’t show up in any survey indicators

What does our data tell us?

Talent demand in the real estate sector has grown by greater than 50 percent over the last four months.

It also suggests hiring has aggressively migrated up the food chain. C-Suite and Director/SVP positions fill nearly 40 percent of our responses.

As a qualifier, this data is national, so the actual demand levels in any specific local market will likely vary. Nonetheless, while there may be talk of dark clouds on the economic horizon, the real estate sector and demand for talent remain very robust.

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