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Tank Truck Driver Shortage Could Slow Oil Boom

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It’s been mentioned before that poor roads, lack of pipeline capacity and refinery bottlenecks add up to production lags. The latest issue plaguing the industry is the lack of tanker truck drivers in the Permian Basin. Some analysts suggest that, due to a lack of drivers, oil production growth could be reduced as much as 40% from where it is now.

Part of the reason is the boom-and-bust nature of the oil business and prices. The 2014-2015 drop in oil prices impacted the drivers the most. Many, who were fired, left the industry.

Additionally, driving an oil tanker involves more than just putting the pedal to the metal. Drivers need training to handle difficult, dangerous requirements of the oil industry. Five types of tanker hauling exist, each with its own set of hauling styles, unloading techniques and hazardous material handling requirements.

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