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Technology Trends Continue to Drive Change in CRE Facilities Management

Every day technology continues to disrupt industries and change the status quo. From smart buildings to robotics, technology is transforming the way the facilities industry maintains the places where the people work, learn, and live.

Cushman & Wakefield’s Global Occupier Services and C&W Services teams’ has made it a quest to make facility operations safer and more efficient. Today, that often means embracing innovation early, in order to be positioned to move with change, rather than react to it.

Cushman & Wakefield’s Marcio DaCosta says they’ve identified five technology trends that will influence changes in commercial real estate facilities management in 2018 and beyond: IoT 2.0, AI, Drones, AR & Blockchain.

The merging of IoT, blockchain, and AI will create the trifecta of collecting data from many sensors (IoT), cleanly gathering and distributing the data (blockchain), and analyzing the results to focus attention on the right issue and opportunities (AI).

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