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Tesla to Churn Out Solar Shingles

The recent approval by Tesla shareholders of the company’s merger with SolarCity prompted CEO Elon Musk to state that the Tesla solar shingles will cost less – and be much more durable – than comparable high-end, terra-cotta and slate roofs. The savings come from improvement in weight, which should help reduce shipping costs.

“If Musk’s claims prove true, this could be a real turning point in the evolution of solar power,” Bloomberg gushed in a recent article. “The rooftop shingles he unveiled just a few weeks ago are something to behold.”

Musk, however, makes his claims during a time when terra cotta and slate roofs represent some of the most expensive materials on the market; they can cost as much as 20 times more than their less expensive asphalt counterparts. They are also much more fragile than the asphalt as well, according to Treehugger.com.

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