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Texas and Wind, Part 2

Connect Media has written about Texas’ top national spot as a wind power provider. Now, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas is weighing in on the topic by providing more reasons why the Lone Star State is also known as a wind energy state.

Researchers Justin J. Lee and Keilvinder Virdi note that a favorable regulatory environment, combined with technological advances, are boosting investments in Texas wind power plants. These plants, perhaps unsurprisingly, are in the windy West Texas and Panhandle areas. Also driving the wind power is the growing demand for electricity, thanks to population growth. In 2016, 52% of Texans’ electricity came from natural gas, 25% from coal and 13% from wind.

According to the Department of Energy’s Wind Program, Texas has the highest potential wind power capacity in the nation, at 1.3 million megawatts. Coming in second is Montana, at 0.7 million megawatts.

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