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Texas, Known for . . . Wind Power?

Mention the words “energy” and “Texas,” and what will likely come to mind are oil derricks and natural gas pipelines. But, the last thing that people would believe the Lone Star State tops is renewable energy. Specifically, wind power. The state that boasts at least three shale plays is also the national leader of wind power.

Texas boasts 11,592 turbines and an installed wind capacity of 20,321 megawatts, according to the American Wind Energy Association. This represents three times as much capacity as Iowa, which is in second place. And, for the 12-month period ending in October 2016, wind powered approximately 12.7% of Texas’ electricity production, or the equivalent of powering 5.7 million houses.

“Wind is where oil and gas was in Texas in about 1914, 1920. No laws have really yet been created, there’s no regulation, there’s no governmental agencies, it’s just the wild frontier,” Sweetwater, TX attorney Rod Wetsel told the Guardian.

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