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November 10, 2016 Comments Off on The Connection Between Politics and Real Estate Views: 496 National News, Northeast

The Connection Between Politics and Real Estate

With Republican nominee Donald Trump’s rise to the title of President-Elect of the United States, many wonder how the new leadership will impact the commercial real estate sector. According to analysts from Transwestern, CRE health doesn’t depend on who takes up residence in the White House, as much as it relies on the overall economic climate.

“The selection of a new president is not expected to drastically alter the trajectory of the national economy, barring a recession, military conflict or other major event,” said Elizabeth Norton, with Transwestern’s Mid-Atlantic region.

One issue she mentioned in a recent report was that Republicans hold the White House more often in times of war or recession, whereas Democrats have led more often in periods of economic recovery and expansion. This isn’t necessarily a cause-and-effect relationship, however, as much as it reflects on timing.

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