March 10, 2017 Comments Off on The E-commerce Influencers Views: 592 Connect Classroom

The E-commerce Influencers

While it was once considered forward thinking to order goods from the World Wide Web (one of the internet’s nicknames in the 1990s), these days it’s commonplace. E-commerce is one reason why Connect frequently writes about retail chains shuttering stores. But who, exactly, are the influencers of e-commerce?

Fulfillment house RedStag put together a nifty infographic,  featuring seven individuals who made it to the top in e-commerce space. Some, such as Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Marc Lore ( are somewhat obvious. But others of those who influence the e-commerce space are interesting choices.

Additionally, the infographic lists more than the names of the influencers, their net worth and companies. It also lists their philosophies, which makes interesting reading. According to RedStag, these are the folks to watch as e-commerce becomes even more ubiquitous over the next several years.

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