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THE HIRING SQUAD: Recruiting Gets Personal with Family Office

When looking to hire someone that can grow long-term with a company, a recruiting firm must dive deeper into the interpersonal relationship between a candidate and a prospective employer’s existing team. It’s more than qualifying experience and skills sets; it requires an understanding and matching of a candidate’s values both inside and outside of the office.

In this executive Q&A, Kent Elliott, principal at RETS Associates, a leading national real estate recruiting firm, and Adam Horowitz, President of the Southern California family office Horowitz Group, discuss the journey, experience and matchmaking that was required to find the ideal candidate who would become an extension of its family.

Kent Elliott: How did you go about the discovery process to confirm he had the qualities that you wanted?

Adam Horowitz: His resume and background spoke for itself. However, understanding his emphasis on family, and trustworthiness and integrity required us to spend time together to build an interpersonal relationship. I was not in a rush to hire because I wanted to get it right. But I made sure that I was regularly communicating with him. After the first interview, I asked him to join me for drinks and team dinners with the firm’s families to further understand him in social situations and begin building bonds. In a family office, it’s not all about business – there are kids and stakeholders coming through on a daily basis, and I needed to confirm that he would connect with and relate to each and every one of them.

To me, it was more than just deciding whether or not he was a culture fit. With RETS’ help, we went the extra mile to see if he, and his family, could become part of our family. This process confirmed that he matched our ethos and could truly be the partner we needed for continued growth.

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