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THE HIRING SQUAD: Colliers’ Rowley on Keeping Up With The Professionals

Whether or not you are looking to make a move in your real estate career, we have become increasingly aware that networking is the key to keeping up with the industry. The knowledge you gain and the relationships you build through networking could very well be the golden ticket to landing your next dream job.

In this executive Q&A, Kent Elliott, principal at RETS Associates, a leading search and staffing firm that focuses specifically on the real estate industry, and David Rowley, a managing director of investor services at Colliers International, discuss their insights and observations on the role that networking plays during the interview process. This interview highlights the alternative perspective of a recent HIRING SQUAD interview between Elliott and Martin Pupil, president of the West at Colliers and the executive that hired Rowley. Read that interview here.

Kent Elliott (KE): Given the current CRE market, there are lot of available positions and a shortage of talent. What advice would you give to professionals who are considering a move to a new position?

David Rowley (DR): Network! People must recognize that research and networking is a marathon, not a sprint. It is something that you must continue to pursue throughout your career – especially when you look to make a move. Networking is about building relationships and keeping up with the movers and shakers. Whether it is career moves, recent deals, new developments or other new endeavors, the only way to keep up with people and opportunities is to read the trade publications, and network with the people you read about.

I believe my constant drive to network laid the foundation for my connection with the Colliers team. A few years ago, I met Marty Pupil, the president of the West at Colliers, and we would reconnect about once a year for lunch or coffee and see each other at events or conferences. Flash forward to the middle of 2015, when the position arose, Marty remembered my name; knew my personality, demeanor and skills; and brought me in. From a culture standpoint, we already were familiar with each other, and I was confident I would be a good match for his team.

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