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The Making of a Smart City

In an effort to monitor traffic and help track crime, General Electric is adding cameras, microphones and sensors to 3,200 street lights in San Diego, which will be the first large-scale use of “smart city” tools by GE.

Technology from GE, as well as AT&T and Intel, will be able to locate gunshots, check vehicle speeds and estimate crowd sizes. Although there is some expressed concern over the privacy of data, the spokeswoman for the San Diego Mayor, Jen Lebron, said the data is anonymous, “with no personal identifiers.”

The city of San Diego will provide the data to students and entrepreneurs to develop applications. The CityIQ nodes will begin rolling out in July 2017, which is included in a $30 million GE LED lighting upgrade for city lights. The upgrade is expected to save the city $2.4 million a year.

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