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The Soon-to-Be Last Blockbuster Standing

It’s almost as much of a classic as Gone With the Wind – the almost last standing Blockbuster, that is. As Netflix and streaming services began to gain traction around 2014, Blockbuster, the largest video-rental chain, faced its demise as it began to shutter its 9,000 stores worldwide.

Sitting in Bend, Oregon, local business owner Ken Tisher says he has no plans to close the store, even as the two other remaining locations in Alaska announced their imminent shuttering. Tisher, who licenses the Blockbuster name from Dish Network since they acquired the behemoth in 2010, says that the location is a nostalgic reminder for the visitors who pass through the tourist town. It’s also frequented by the locals who come in to rent movies that aren’t found on Netflix, and $.99 rentals.

Those who come into the store know the 10 employees by name, and rely on them for great recommendations. As a “movie town,” Bend is now boasting what will soon be the last standing Blockbuster store.

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