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There’s More Than Steak at Stake

Will a steak on paper plates be as tasty as a steak served on fine china? Fort Bragg, a city 170 miles north of San Francisco, can answer that question. Officials have decreed restaurants to use paper plates in an effort to save water by limiting dishwashing. As California is in its fourth year of a severe drought, water will also only be served to patrons upon request.

The city officials declared a water emergency when ocean water seeped into the Nyo River, the source of the coastal town’s drinking water.

Some restaurant owners are less than satisfied with this ordinance, arguing that there are other ways to save water while mentioning that it’s not easy to cut a steak with a plastic knife.

Across the state, California is trying all kinds of measures to cut back on water usage as the drought worsens, including: barring residents from irrigating lawns, washing cars, and maintaining landscape.

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