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Tips On Tippers!

Here’s a story of interest to waiters everywhere. It’s about tipping…who tips best and who doesn’t. On second thought, most waiters probably already know the answers.

If you’re a Republican man from Connecticut paying for your meal with a credit card, you’re probably a great tipper, At least, that’s the word from CreditCards.com.

The credit card information website teamed up with researchers from Princeton, and surveyed about 1,000 adults across the U.S. Their study indicates that the best tippers are men, Republicans, from the Northeast, and customers paying with a credit or debit card. These groups generally tip about 20% when dining at a restaurant.

However, the study also says that women, Democrats, Southerners, and those paying in cash are the worst tippers, leaving an average 15% to 16%. Why are some groups better tippers than others?  The answer won’t surprise you.

“Generally it all comes down to income,” said Matt Schulz, senior analyst at CreditCards.com. “The more money you have, the more likely you are to leave a little extra tip on the table.”


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