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To Drone . . . Or Not to Drone

Distributors are working hard to get goods to consumers more quickly. This has given rise to the so-called “last mile” concept, which moves products from fulfillment centers to final destinations. And one last-mile method that has caught the imagination is drone delivery.

Both Amazon (through its Prime Air) and Google (through Project Wing) are promising bright last-mile futures, with help from Unmanned Aircraft Systems (the official drone name). But according to a recent article published by the AIR Commercial Real Estate Association, don’t expect a flying object to drop a package on your doorstep anytime soon.

For one thing, last-mile delivery success is determined by route density and drop size. Drones don’t do well in either situation, as they can only deliver one package at a time before returning to home base. Additionally, crash liability and other factors need to be worked out. So as for now, continue to expect your internet deliveries to come via truck, rather than flying object.

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