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Top Cities With Positive Growth Opportunities

According to recent information from Goldman Sachs, the prediction is that global growth will reach 4% in 2018. With unemployment below what’s considered sustainable by the Federal Reserve, and strong momentum in the overall economy, here are 10 cities that are predicted to rank high in both employment and business growth and opportunities:

  1. Provo, Utah: High tech-sector coupled with high wage growth.
  2. Raleigh, North Carolina: Low business costs, plus high R&D-driven industry. Predicted job growth of 42.66% over the next decade.
  3. Fort Collins, Colorado: Growing population and increasing demand for tech workers.
  4. Dallas, Texas: 50,000 high-skilled jobs added between 2011-2016. Expected to lead home sales in 2018.
  5. San Francisco, California: Increasing wages, high tech growth and high median salary.
  6. Bradenton/Sarasota, Florida: Top of the chart for 12-month job growth, lowest level of unemployment (3.7%) in over a decade.
  7. Nashville, Tennessee: Outpacing most other major metros in both job and wage growth.
  8. Charlotte, North Carolina: From 2015-2016, scientific, technical and professional service industries grew by 9%. Low business costs are attractive to incoming employers.
  9. Atlanta, Georgia: Relatively lower median household price, combined with growing job opportunity.
  10. Seattle, Washington: Strong tech sector and growing job market, and relatively lower housing costs (when compared to San Francisco).

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